BioLOD (Biophenome Linked Open Databases)

Using BioLOD - Biophenome Linked Open Databases - users can search inferentially and browse features of various resources including genes and bio-resources from which observable characteristics and behavior known as phenotypes have been reported in literature, annotations and the like. All data can be downloaded wholly using various standard file formats like RDF and GFF.

Users can also freely register how their novel phenotypic information relates to each resource.

All data is organized by ontological hierarchies based on semantic web technology standards including LOD (Linked Open Data) OWL and OBO (Web Ontology Language and Open Biomedical Ontology). In the future BioLOD plans to provide a variety of tools and workflows to work with this data.

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BioLOD data statistics
  Databases Classes Instances Literature
Open Data 143 729 9,663,694 272,163
Not Open Data 70 246 424,477 0
Total (Browsable) 213 975 10,088,171 272,163
as of Mar 2014.

Reference papers of this database:

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